BRISTOL MEAT - October 2023?

I thought I’d start a chat about having one of these in the next couple of months or so.

I’m not sure who is local these days so tag anyone in who might be keen.

Shall I do some polls for dates / activities / whatevs?

(fully prepared to be informed there was a meat last week I missed :sob: )


I would be up for a Bristol meet

  • Yes
  • No

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Saturdays I might be able to make

  • 30 April
  • 7 May
  • 14 May
  • 21 May
  • 28 May
  • 4 June
  • 11 June
  • 18 June
  • 25 June
  • 2 July
  • 9 July

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I’ve done Saturdays only cos it seems like sensible but can broaden if necessary

If a meat ever occurred on a weekday when I’m there I’d be up for it


I’ll be down sometime in may or june, can try and plan my trip around you guys


I knew I’d be shooting myself in the foot by just doing Sats!

What weekdays and what times of those days work for you?

Hahaha it’s completely ad hoc, I’m usually there for monthly team meetings but there’s no specific pattern. It’s usually a Tues/Weds overnight sitch (although it can be Weds/Thurs if needed) once a month, I guess if you did a weeknight I’d keep an eye on the thread and if my shit worked out at the same time I’d join - but don’t schedule around me or anything! (And evening works for me. Any time from 6pm onwards, I stay in the Temple Meads area but know my way to the waterfront area. Not too familiar beyond that)


I’m a fairly new poster but would be up for joining! Be good to meat some other Bristol based folks


Yes please! I’m only a 40 min train journey away and can be free p much whenever


I would try my very hardest to attend a Bristol meat! Saturday (and other) daytimes aren’t great for me, but most evenings will be okay


Yes! Saturday’s in June are good.

Also @TheBarbieMovie2023 if you are ever about at a loose end in Bristol I am happy to come in for dinner / drinks of a weekday evening xx


You me and kermy on the lash sounds LUSH xxx


It looks like the 18th of June is the best Saturday - I’m gonna change the title of the thread and build from there. Can always undo it if things change :slight_smile:

I’m up for an ad hoc week night thing too if things work out, especially as the weather gets better / evenings get longer

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Open for suggestions for things to do on the 18th.

I’d hope the weather was decent enough for some afternoon outside park lounging or something, then carrying on into the evening and night?


How is the 18th looking for peeps?

What do people want to do?

Those with kids, do you want it to be kid based / friendly? At least for some of it.

How do people feel about dancing?

I have a feeling I’m in town seeing my partner on 18th June.

If I am, I would be down for attending whatever is planned…

Happy to go with the flow, no great preference activity wise



If it is kid friendly in the afternoon M and G and R would come to that bit

I would like to do dancing (only if other people are into it)

This is good/possible for me but cant confirm for a bit


Think I’m in, but only as long as it goes on into at least the early evening since I’ll be at work till about 4:30