Bristol meat?


Or Bath.

Down over Easter. It’d just be a day thing but if anyone fancies a drink Friday or Saturday let me know.

Dunno who’s down that way really?


Yes, please! That’s be awesome


Ah man, this’d be awesome. Ahm oot, but it’d still be amazing

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Woo! It’s not definite as I’m only coming if M’s grandparents will have her for the afternoon (they live in glastonbury) but I’m going to sweet talk them so fingers crossed


Would definitely be up for it, kids are away and might be hitting the tattoo exhibition at MShed on Saturday pm, assuming I’m not too hanging from Friday night :slight_smile:



I’ll be down again August ish I reckon too. I try to do every 3 months. I don’t normally get to see Bristol…except for that really fit bakery near temple meads before getting on the bus so I have literally no idea where anywhere is.

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The ‘It’s Called Ffasiwn’ exhibition will be on and I can’t think of a better photography project to have ever happened.

Can’t go though.


This looks great

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18 months ago I’d have been there like a shot, but then we moved to the back end of nowhere so I can’t come to this and that saddens me.


Boo :persevere:

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We can print out a Friday selfie and prop it up on the table :slight_smile:


I’m in Bristol but Easter is a hectic time for me. If I’ve got nothing else going on I’m def there though!


Hola! So Saturday looks like it might be pretty nice out.

I’m gonna make a suggestion of 2pm at the Arnolfini Cafe Bar ( / hanging around outside it by the river with #somebeers

Happy to do different time / location if that doesn’t suit as many people as possible.

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I literally only know temple meads so happy to go anywhere. I do still need to figure out if M’s grandparents will have her before I fully commit to this but fingers crossed!

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I’m down south this weekend and half tempted to detour through Bristol :thinking:


dooooo iiiiiiittttt


[Spinal Tap voice] Helloooo Clevedon! No, wait, this is Bristol?!

So who is in for this today?


I think I’ve got a stomach bug :persevere::persevere::persevere:


Oh no! :frowning: :frowning:

Hope you feel better soon x


Ok, just had a call from my mum (who is looking after the kids) and my granddad isn’t very well, so I have to go and collect them from Cambridge. So I won’t be making it either :frowning: