Bristol tips

Hi! I’m in Bristol tomorrow (though with M so not really after any bars or that). Just nice areas to wander around, somewhere nice for dinner (cafe sort of style rather than restaurant) and same for breakfast and lunch on Monday.

Wanted to checkout the vanguard exhibition but not sure we’ll make it in time before closing as we only arrive at 3pm.

Bag of nails (it is a pub but it’s full of cats so…)

There’s a shawarma/wrap place in the market that’s incredible, can’t remember the name though. Souk Kitchen is excellent too

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Matina! So good


Pub says no kids allowed :cry:

Where is “the market”?

Bristol tips and Alistair

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Shit link sorry. Its St. Nicholas Market

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Ace, thank you

The harbour area is worth a visit. The planetarium (silver globe thing) and m shed are all close together and it’s generally a nice area to have a wander


There’s plenty of nice cafes around the waterside too, and down near the ss Great Britain if you go that far (can’t recommend that much as my nephew found it boring!)

Another vote for M Shed. The Bristol museum and art gallery is also good, had lots of kid friendly stuff and is free entry


M shed is great for kids. Harbourside is a nice walk. As is mooching round Clifton

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Has anyone mentioned m shed?


What can we say, we’re M people

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Speak for yrself

Jason Doner Van

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Not sure what’s on at the Arnolfini, but there’s usually something worth looking at. There are a few city farms around, like St Werburghs. Ashton Court is probably a bit out of the way, but they have lovely grounds and a deer park, although you can only look at the deer through the fence, for rutting season.

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Not sure if Cabot tower is open atm nor how many steps M could climb, but you get some views

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Bump for this.

Somehow in the 34 years I’ve driven down the M5, to see family friends every easter/these days visit in laws I’ve never been to Bristol. Apart from when we drove through the centre when there was an accident on the M5, which was a mistake, and recharging/pulling nails out of tyres at Cribbs Causeway. Oh and the train home from Glastonbury .

Any suggestions for food places with 2 kids and shite to do for the day? Wish I was asking about pubs :sob:

@moderators probably worth moving to the travel bit :+1:

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