Bristol tips

Nice place for lunch/drinks in late afternoon, like 3pm onwards? :stuffed_flatbread: :wine_glass:

Reasonably central

If you’re after somewhere relatively casual, Bambalan - right opposite the Beacon - is pretty decent. It’s fine enough inside, but comes into its own when the weather’s nice enough to go out on the roof terrace (which unfortunately isn’t going to be this weekend, if that’s when you’re looking for).

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I can’t offer any advice, but I am now going to be thinking “… And Alastair” every time I see this thread title.

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The left handed giant brewpub is in a really nice place and does good pizzas.

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Depends how casual you want it, but the Watershed cafe / bar is always dependable

Please tell me the little cider barge still exists

The Apple? it does! That’s a good shout actually. There’s another burger barge nextdoor to it if you get peckish and other rustic looking pubs nearby if you fancy a crawl.

Small Bar (craft beer taps, outside/inside seating) is nice too.

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For the non-veggie/vegan crowd Small Bar does absolutely phenomenal fried chicken.

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