Britain = shit?


Why must the british public destroy everything vaguely good?



nope, just Manchester.


“One sunny evening shortly after the launch, I rode a Mobike to Salford Quays, where I swam a mile in the filtered water of the glistening Lowry, reflecting as I did my backstroke that Manchester was starting to feel rather European. I had always fancied living in Copenhagen, where the cyclist is king and the harbour has been turned into a lido. Was I now living that continental dream?”

fuck off.


Didn’t really @casinobay was in Manc over the weekend.


yeah, people don’t deserve anything

i’m just surprised the boris bikes haven’t ended up the same way. guess they’re hardier


It’s because you get charged if you don’t return it to a docking station.


ahem Sadiq Cycles are a bit different in that you have to pay using a debit/credit card so they’ve got you over a barrel if you lose one or dump it in a canal to the tune of ££££


This is why we don’t deserve nice things.


Like being part of the EU.


Yeah. It’s necessary in this shitty country but wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t?


aye but presumably the folk chucking them into canals aren’t renting the bikes first



I wish people wouldn’t call them Boris Bikes. I know that alliteration is fun but it was Livingstone’s idea to have hire bikes and made it happen. All Johnson did was to be mayor when they finally came into being.


o rly


In answer to your question, @anon80418723:



Bike wankers


Barclays must still be absolutely fuming that they ended up getting named alliteratively after the name of the buffoon of a mayor.

Sanatander are clearly trying to get them to become colloquially known as “Santander Cycles”. That is also going well for them.




5 syllables vs 3. never going to catch on, is it