Britain = shit?


I think you’ll find that “Sanatander” is 4 syllables itself.


He also negotiated the terrible contract with Barclays.


Yeah, because you don’t have to pay to remove them from a dock.


can they not lock them to something other than a dock though? a fence or something?

or does the back wheel just lock to itself?


Britain = shit

Thank u.


it’s like one of those 11+ paper questions


The london cycles have to be docked at the end of a ride for it to stop charging you.

You could lock it up somewhere else if you wanted, but it would be costing you money.


Awww poor Chinese investors losing money from a city rife with homlessness and inequality.






I like Britain.


actually it’s just a good point.


What is the point? I mean, what if Manchester City Council had paid for the bikes instead of “Chinese investors”? Is it because it’s foreign, private money that it’s OK for people to disrespect and ruin a useful, inexpensive public service?


OK let’s just demonise poor people for having bad morals instead then.


I prefer London Hire Bike. It says what it is.


Penny Khanings


Does it suggest anywhere that it’s poor people who were nicking or vandalising the bikes?


actually yes

“My Mobiking nemesis just couldn’t understand why I would object to his behaviour, just as the young degenerates I have seen pulling wheelies on hacked Mobikes in my local park can’t understand that they are spoiling things not just for everyone else but themselves, too.”


Where does it say anything about poverty there? Moral poverty, maybe, in the word “degenerates”.


its heavily implied - are you suggesting it’s the people in suits hiring them out and then putting them in the canal

I suppose it could be.