Britain = shit?


think it’s implied throughout the article


Chinese investors or otherwise, that’s no reason for people to just constantly be cunts and ruin potentially nice things. More bikes in cities = fewer cars = happier world. People are provided with a good bike service, people throw bikes into canals.

People are the worst.


anyway I just don’t like the whole sarcastic hashtag hot take thing, seems rude which is why I waded in.

Sorry about that!


They have these in Milton Keynes now seemed to be going quite well but they need more stations ideally.


To be fair my comment was perhaps a bit reactionary to living in this city.

Of course there is no excuse for ruining things for others.


also really sick and tired of people washing their hands of Britain and othering it as if we’re all so much better and above that.

Guess what British people/people who live in Britain, you are all contributing to this place good or bad.




Plenty of evidence that rich people have “bad morals” in this world. Bit insulting and classist to suggest that poor people don’t know how to behave.


I’m fine with it cos they’re shit and everyone hates them


exactly - which was heavily implied in the article.


bit naive if stuff like this isn’t factored into the scheme from the off

like the article says, there’s always the ‘feet on the seats’/entitled types - the journalist should be more annoyed with mobike than with the dude who took the bike for his personal use for not having a useful contingency/more bikes/a better system


Yeah this. It’s supposed to be for flagging when someone’s pretending to have a controversial opinion




Manchester is shit, it’s full of lies. Bald men start their shit, with dead Hacienda cries