British Bulldog


It’s our last game of this today before Sean bans it.

A colleague 25 years younger than me just mentioned BB and how it was quickly banned at his school. Find it remarkable that every year since time immemorial this game sprouts up and is quickly stopped at British schools. Is it the most enduring kids craze ever, despite the short amount of time each iteration actually lasts?


Don’t think it was banned at my school. Remember playing it a lot. Simpler times.


one ofthe greatest games ever invented - why is there not a pro version?


It was banned every year at my school, by October, usually.


Weren’t enough kids in my school to be able to play it effectively


This explains a lot.

We need to toughen you up.


fucking great game. we used to play scrap bulldog too. which was basically kicking the shit out of the weediest kid if he didn’t get back to ‘homie’ - which he never did

great days


Hmm, not sure really. The fact there were so few boys in my year group (4) made the social hierarchy all the more defined so I got pretty mercilessly bullied at that age which toughened me up to an extent, I feel like had there been more kids (enough to facilitate British Bulldog) I’d have comfortably slotted in somewhere in the middle of the social pack and therefore would have avoided the necessary adversity to be adequately toughened.


What’s that, I can’t hear you?

Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.


Yeah, we used to play it in Games lessons at Primary School.

Is/was it really a thing that is/was banned by schools, or is it just one of those ‘HEALTH AND SAFETY GONE MAD’ type stories made up to outrage Daily Mail reader types?




we called it bulldogs charge


Always banned at my school. For very good reason.



It was banned at our school. But it was the best fun. Didn’t even mind getting floored.

It’d make sense to actually teach kids how to play it. If it was played like rugby then there’d be less risk of life-threatening injury.


loved a bit of british bulldog. Was more a fan of the dodging than the tackling. They stopped banning it at our school cause when they did, games of ‘it’ just got really violent instead




Banned in the playground (concrete), permitted on the games field (grass) at my school which gave it both a seasonal and multi-surface edge…


why would schools ban it? It’s totally harmless.

We weren’t even allowed to play football but were still allowed to play bulldog (though we called it d-to-d cos that’s what the two homes were)


I was really good at all that shit until people started hitting puberty and getting muscles. The fact that I was really nimble counted for much less then, these days i dont think I could sprint 100m without doing in every muscle/joint in my body :frowning:


was banned at primary school but everyone still tried to play when the dinner ladies were understaffed
called it british bulldog
other things that were banned: rugby (nobody knew how to play it anyway, was mainly just kids flattening each other), bringing footballs in from home