British People Celebrating Thunksgiving



Not on guys. Not on at all.


unless you have any American relatives with you it’s super lame


Real autopilot shit this sexybum, come on mate.


Oh but I’ve got an American partner and I’m happy to adopt everyone of their customs whilst insulting my own and I cannot stop thinking about the Amanda Knox turd.


It’s a tradition - I always roll it out around this time of year.


Fair dos mate


Quite right.


Anyone in the world apart from the Irish celebrating St. Patricks day.
Not on guys. Not on at all.

(I know this is not a valid comparison but yolo)


Like non-christians celebrating Christmas, just so needy innit


And non-satanists celebrating Halloween.


anyone celebrating anything, really




Non-Gregorians celebrating New Year’s Eve.


I just wanted to see if I could :blush:


Yeah love it, it’s obviously as part of our culture as say, Christmas, Easter, or Bastille Day



Pagans dickhead



Incredible scenes!