Britpop that isn't Blur or Oasis

Or Pulp. Or Suede, Supergrass, Elastica, The Verve etc.

What other Britpop bands were there? I can’t think of many. Let’s post some lists and video links.

I’ve recently got into Dubstar. They’re on Food records, same record label as Blur’s 90s albums (which I discovered partly thanks to the ‘what’s your favourite record label’ thread). I really like their sound.


Have you heard of a little band from Oxford called Radiohead?


I was also a big fan of the second Bluetones album, with Solomon Bites The Worm but it’s not on Spotify, so i can’t tell if it was actually any good as I’m not about to out my cd on

was just about to say radiohead are the only ones keeping the britpop flame alive tbh.

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It’s a shame, because i think britpop coukd really have been something if they hadn’t bored the layman with their maudlin tones.


Imagine, if we’d had bands brought up on Cast and Sleeper instead of the dross spawned post OKC, like coldplay and Snow Patrol and all that non-jazz


Have you heard of a little band from Oxford called The Candyskins?


i didn’t care for the rampant machismo and trad-rock stylings of “airbags” or “meeting in an aisle” either. britpop died precisely because of this obsession with detailing mundane activities. songs about cars and the weekly shop indeed!


They really were obsessive Top Gear enthusiasts, weren’t they… Killer Cars, Stupid Car, Creep


Radiohead weren’t really britpop though, were they?

I guess The Bends fits into a lot of music that came out at the height of britpop but I’m not sure I’d call it a britpop album. Sounds like a band influenced by U2/Pixies/R.E.M. that walked into britpop (and is basically the best album ever made, I wouldn’t be into any music if I never came across that album), just before britpop got really big. Whereas every other band seemed to have the Beatles and the Stone Roses written all over them.

It’s an interesting debate to be had. Thom Yorke said he didn’t feel like he was a part of the britpop scene.

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i was only messing about. i think the guitar part on the chorus of “bones” is the closest they ever came to britpop tbh (just after he sings “…in your bones”). call me crazy, but i’ve always thought that bit sounds a lot like something oasis would have come up with.

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Blessed Ethel

I guess britpop also lost its identity when everyone started getting MTV and hearing what America had to offer, like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins


That all came before britpop didnt it?

Oasis were influenced by Nirvana. Placebo were influenced by Smashing Pumpkins (although they’re not really britpop either).

I mean real music fans like us know that, but most peoole had never heard of those bands until sky tv blew up and brought it to the mainstream. Within a few years Limp Bizkit and Offasring were dishing songs left right and centre while bands kike Bennett were hesdlining Virgin Megastore.


I’m sure Britpop didn’t exist except as a fashion thing. /@Severed799

(The straight answer is that any band that was actually formed by the Britpop scene is best forgotten. Northern Uproar, anyone? Hurricane #1? Heavy Stereo?)

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My record collection is stuffed with records by bands much like these 3. Less so Heavy Stereo, but the others for sure. NU weren’t too bad on a couple of single.

Menswear are a pretty good example of Britpop by numbers and hype. I spent 30 quid on their first single when it was released thinking it would make me millions.

Bands like Marion which were around at the time weren’t too bad, but lumped in with it. Like Geneva, who weren’t britpop, but more like Suedish and not too bad at all.

They were a decent dance-pop band. Way out West and others turned in some great remixes on promo 12s for them.

Er… How did you spend 30 quid on a single when it was released? I mean I know Menswear were hyped but what?