Brits 2018

Anyone watching?

Stanning for Dua tonight because I’ve been listening to her quite a bit lately. Also I don’t know most of the British artists nominated.

A lolled at the Paul from S Club reference by Jack Whitehall.

No grumpy old men complaining about pop please (unless it’s complaining about Ed Sheeran which is fine)

I think I spotted Paloma Faith seething with rage for a minute there

Thank you manches for not making me feel like a loser xxx


MARLON: Hello Roscoe

ROSCOE: And hello from him, yes we’re doing the extra coverage for ITV3.75 recurring, and we’ve got Rag n’ Bone Man here with us.

RAG N BONE: Hello Roscoe. Hello Marlon.

ROSCOE: So Rag n Bone Man, how was performing at the Brits with that woman who comes from up the road from our Creator?

RAG N BONE: It was nice.

MARLON: Roscoe, are we from the West Midlands as well?

ROSCOE: I don’t know. I’d never interpreted it as such.

MARLON: No, nor me.

RAG N BONE: Bit nippy tonight, isn’t it?

ROSCOE: You’re an exciting fellow, aren’t you.

RAG N BONE: (silence)


RAG N BONE: Oh sorry. I was just thinking about the A38


ROSCOE: Keep watching


is this a bit Brexit now too?

there’s some proper shite bants

never watched one, I remember hearing that Jarvis mooned Michael Jackson though. Just wanted a quick excuse to say how much I love Jarvis again!

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Stormzy beat Ed Sheeran to best British male so I don’t think so (but be ready for some hot takes on this in the Mail and Telegraph)

my mum’s watching it so I’m taking my annual opportunity to make my classic wry Manches commentary

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The existence of Ed Sheeran is so tiring, just thinking about him for a second wears me out


they just fucked up the lighting as well

I sure hope someone got fired for that blunder

He got arrested and Bob Mortimer was his legal counsel iirc?


Had absolutely no idea this was on

Annie Lennox nominated?


That’s also brilliant!

Nope! Paloma Faith and Laura Marling are the new Best British Female staples

has anyone ever refused one of these awards?

Paul Weller for male?

Liam Gallagher :smiley:

Kendrick Lamar on live later!!

I hope everyone has a good time

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