Broad City

Season 4 is here! Any fans?

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Really enjoyed the first episode, so glad it’s back. Their 2011 versions were perfect.

This is a good TV show and I am pleased that I have the chance to once again watch new episodes.


I thought season 3 was quite poor so hoping this one is better. Ep 1 was fine, not particularly funny though.

I cannot find a decent stream of the new series and it’s killing me!!

does anyone have a link?

Season 3 was poor?

I thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes but my favourite all time episode is in season 3. The one where they swap roles so Abbi works at the co-op.
(I also I visited this co-op when I was in NY last year cause i’m well lame and was just cycling by)

Big fan, wish it was on Netflix or something easy, can’t be faffed with streams.

It will be on Now TV at some point

I already have Amazon Prime and Netflix, cba to add a third thing.

fair doos -not worth it just for BC

Will just have to do what I did with the first two seasons, wait till I’m on a flight that has it all and binge it.

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didn’t really like this first one
in fact you know what I thought it was rubbish

havr you found one?

Nope :crying_cat_face:

check yer messages

Thanks to @TKC for giving me a good place to stream.

I watched the second epsiode this morning and OH MY WORD I was so giddy with joy and excitement


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Is it not just on Now TV? I thought they had the UK broadcast rights.

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No and I haven’t seen any kind of broadcast date for Comedy Central UK

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You’d think the idiots would realise people will just find other ways to watch it if they’re not even remotely in line with the US


thanks for the tag, forgot to watch this! will sort it tonight

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