Broadband advice

Moving into a new apartment next weekend and I really need to get my internet shit sorted out.
I need something fast and preferably with unlimted (or a shed-load) of data each month. Obviously needs to be reliable. The area I’m in shouldn’t be an issue either. I’m conscious that most providers will want me to take other add-ons but I really think I only need the internet. Also aware that some providers are throwing around tasty incentives (New telly? Yes please) to get business from noobs like me.

Any ideas DiS?

I would strongly recommend: broadband.

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when i was shopping around, every company said it would take 2-3 weeks except for virgin who said they could do it in 2 days time, and they have 60mb broadband.

so i went with BT!!!

Don’t sign up for an 18 month contract with Talk-Talk.
Don’t just go with them because they were the best cashback deal at the time.

Good work, BT!!


Ah that one takes me back :slight_smile:

They’re all shit and they’re all recommended. That’s my experience.

I have BT and it’s been mostly okay but their Hubs are pretty SHIT. I don’t have fibre, though, so maybe that’s why? They save the best tech for those guys? You CAN just replace their router with your own, however.

Woah! Don’t blind me with science Theo :anguished:

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Another vote for broadband. If you want good internet - Broadband.



I’m with Virgin. Which is ironic because I’ve totally done it.


I’m with Virgin because they have a monopoly where I live. They do, however, provide extremely reliable 200meg broadband so I can live with it.

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they’re terrible to deal with as a company when stuff goes wrong but the service is pretty reliable tbh

200mb virgin 4 lyf

BT fibre (infinity). it’s fast and reliable when set up, but fuck me the installation process and customer support is woeful.

I just did ^this…
Will report back…

This is it, really. As long as you don’t have a problem they’re all fine but I’ve never really seen anyone say “stuff went wrong and they were great” about any supplier.

good work, virgins

I find they grow best in a sunny situation sheltered from winds and enjoy rich, moisture retentive, well-drained soil.


i called them out once when my phone line wasn’t working and they turned up pretty quick and sorted it and told me that it’d come unplugged out in the street. wasn’t paying attention and then as soon as i shut the door was like… wait, what?

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Yeah to be fair to them, almost every BT engineer has been really nice, bent over backwards to avoid me having to pay fees and fixed stuff.

I once had an issue that was weird enough (and persisted long enough) to get punted up enough levels to reach some Sysadmin woman in the UK and at that point stuff got fixed real fast.