Broadchurch s3

Strong start. May not be shit.


I’ll leave it a bit longer to find out what the consensus is.

Let’s face it the second series didn’t really need making, but was enjoyable all the same.

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Watchable fare.

Although I think that I’ve already worked most of the forthcoming plot out.

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This is a very Broadchurch

In fact you might say “This is a very Br…”

Oh wait you did.

I thought it was decent. Season 2 was shite so didn’t have high expectations but it was good to have Miller and Hardy back together and given they’re using a rape as a key plot device, I thought it was respectfully approached and written.

Is the Welsh lass still in it crygurning?

No! I think we’re pretending none of that series happened.

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Lenny Henry

I abandoned S2 after 1 or 2 episodes due to it being absolutely ridiculous and terrible.

If I jump straight back into S3 will I understand what’s going on?

With very little to do and somehow still failing to convince.

Yeah it’s a straight up new story as far as I can tell.


so far it’s a new story but I don’t think it’ll take long for some past plots to come into play. I’d just read the wiki episode guide for season 2.

This appeared on Aussie Netflix so we finally got to finish the series off.

S1: decent until the final reveal
S2: WTAF Chibnall?
S3: Okay, less ludicrously Agatha Christie than S1 to the point where I actually wanted more alternate Doctor Who Crime Busting.