Broaden my hip hop horizons

That video link was weird - wasn’t expecting to see James Acaster on DEHH, and was expecting him to choose 2016 as the best year in hip hop ever.

I forgot about these mixes. Often recommend these to people - The Rub Radio hip hop mixes by year. Not sure I’ve heard anyone top them as a hip hop primer.

Maybe start at 1990/1991 and advance year by year. Interesting hearing styles change over time.

Eh, not letting me link to the whole playlist. It’s this guy…


Malibu Ken should tick both these boxes, great music and lyrics (from Aesop Rock) and I think from the stuff you’ve said you like it’ll be right up your street…


This dropped this week and I think its essential

NIce n short as well

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Question in the form of an answer by people under the stairs is a favourite lp. This isn’t on it though and is an all time banger

EDIT: sorry, didn’t mean to reply to you directly!

Nice thread! I was thinking of starting something similar a while back and never got round to it. Will post some of my favourites up a bit later, and look forward to finding a bunch of new delights in here :slight_smile:

Go back to this Tierra Whack audio / visual concept album a lot. Saw her on the beach at Primavera and she was great!

Think someone already posted some Rapsody, but this was one of my favourite tracks from last year

This Jean Grae track is from 2004, she is still making good stuff though

Hermit and the Recluse with an excellent album from a couple of years back

I guess that this Jay Electronica is pretty much regarded as a classic?

Shabazz Palaces have a bunch of interesting stuff

A 90s classic by Aceyalone

And another from KRS One


The Cold Vein by Cannibal Ox is an utterly sensational album

The self titled Saul Williams album is good too

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Freddie Gibbs & Madlib!


Yoyoyoyoyo by Spank Rock is my obscure recommendation. I don’t even know what it sounds like to compare it but electro sex rhymes are what it is.

Hell Hath No Fury by Clipse might be too gangsta but it might be Neptunes’ finest production.

I’m a bit obsessed with Amethyst Rock Star by Saul Williams which is a load of slam poetry, often criticising hip hop fashions.

More votes for Shabazz Palaces, Madvillain and MF DOOM generally and Roots Manuva. The Freddie Gibbs/ Madlib album last is worth a couple of listens, as is the one by clipping.

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Stuck this on a couple of months back and it still sounds fresh! Never gave any of their other records a listen though…

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I have listened to the second one but it’s with a new producer and it isn’t great.

Ah really? What was the production on that record like? I liked that Yo was funky but firmly odd.

I actually don’t remember (might have been live sounding) but it didn’t have any personality from what I remember.

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Give this a listen.

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I used to think The Fat Boys were a bit of a novelty group but this album is so good…

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Don’t think any of these have been mentioned and might fit the bill.

Aesop Rocks other groups - Weathermen and Hail Mary Malon
Sage Francis
Das Racist
Mikah 9
Darc Mind

this is a classic LP

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someone probably already posted but also:

Love this guy.