SATURATION III is out now then.

Thoughts on the year they’ve had anyone?

Don’t think any of the other two SATURATIONs are in any way consistent really but there’s definitely a very good record you could scrape together from the three of them.

Interesting bunch eh?

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Would you say they’re guilty of…

Over saturation?


(only recently started listening to I & II, a lot of very good moments but I’m with you on the albums as a whole really)

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Think the first track on III might be the most fun thing I’ve heard this year

Got the new one on now. Thought I was more hit than miss, II was a significant improvement (and one of my favourite hip hop records of the year) and the new one is sounding great. Reckon asking for a cohesive project from these at this stage would be counterproductive. Part of the fun, particularly on first listen, is you have no idea what the next track will sound like.

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I’m looking forward to hearing it


I liked this, but it’s almost certainly Wolfcastle :upside_down_face:

The best shit from the three then IMO:

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Never listened to them but I saw the Irish fella a rake of times when he was in a shitty post-hardcore band a la ‘Bring Me the Horizon’ probably around 2009. That’s pretty much it

III is the best of the bunch for me Clive.

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@anon5266188 have you watched the Viceland series?

Nah man. I don’t think I fuck with “Viceland series” really

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:grinning: I know where you’re coming from. Gonna give the first episode a go tonight and see how we do.

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Not feeling this

Thought this was a thread about the delighful NT property in Herefordshire. Top damson picking later in the year you know.

lets talk about the greatest boyband in the world

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One Direction?