Saturation III is batshit and I really like it. Taken a while to get my head round it tho.


My best-of of the three Saturations has been one of my most bumped rap records this year. Sad news about Ameer’s conduct - for him, them, his victims and his fans - but I think the band handled it well, and the new track they debuted on some late show sounded good/seemed to address it.

Do wonder if they’ll lose some edge without his anger, though, and am v interested to find out what they’re doing about their upcoming major label debut. (It was in the can before they booted out the above member, and they’ve since retitled it and are maybe re-recording it without him?)


greatest boyband since one direction **


i was thinking the samething, ameer brought perspectives from the streets and drug addiction but i reckon the new project will be interesting. Also if they did rerecord everything (including tonya), im impressed considering the amount of time they had .


btw my fav saturation is probably the first, HEAT is amazing


sat II gad bangers after banger, sat I grew on me and eventually became my fav


Guess they could be doing it now as, although the new title was announced, I don’t think there’s a release date? If they have an album’s worth of backing tracks and (you’d guess) at least half of its fine then they just need to drop out Ameer’s verses and replace? I know it’s not actually that simple and it loses a different perspective - but maybe not as bad as starting from scratch.

I can’t help but feel bad for Vann, because he’s obviously come from bad situations (and perpetuated them) - but was here on the cusp of changing his life. No doubt he should pay for what he did, but it’s hard to think of him as anything but a write-off now - and I wonder what’ll become of him.



jobas verse is soooooo good


was sort of put off by the whole Ameer Vann thing even though I can’t really blame the rest of them and they went about it the right way. yet to give the new stuff a go



This is fun




Dead excited for this


Yeah and v cool that the recent singles won’t be on there, so it’s all fresh. Also the trailer for that documentary about it on their twitter looks like it could be really great.


Apparently it’s only gonna be shown in certain cinemas and not put on the internet though? Think Kevin Abstract said that on Twitter anyway.



Tonya is great, honestly think it’s one of thee best things this year


The production on Iridescence is so unique. Did anyone else notice the reuse of Matt’s first lines from BUMP in HONEY?