Broken bones

When I was 6 I thought it would be a good idea to put my hand in an electric mangle (ask your (grand)parents ) and fractured my thumb.

That’s all I got. You?

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Went down a slide at play-group when I was 3 and a girl came down it after me and sat on my arm and it broke.

Broken left elbow x1
Broken left wrist x1
Broken right wrist x2

Cracked my head open on a radiator when I was six, hospital then dropped off at school.

I suspect they made it out to sound much more serious than it actually was.

Broke my right wrist falling off a seesaw.

19 years I old I was.


I also broke my cousins collar bone swinging him around the garden and was the cause of at least one fractured foot and one broken leg when I used to play football.

Tempting fate massively here, but I’ve still never broken a bone.


I’ve never broken anything knowingly. Pretty sure I’ve broken a toe a couple of times though.

Never broke owt

On top bunk of bunk beds. Put arm under the bar on the side that stops you rolling out. Fell off bunk.

2 days after having plaster pot removed, played dodgeball, fell and broke it again.

Also broken my wrist playing football

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A few hearts in your time av, shirley?


Broke my arm when I was 10. Hard to say what caused it. Could have been the genetic disorder resulting in me having a couple of cysts in my humerus. Could have been playing football on a concrete driveway with an iron fence as the goal and chattering my arm into the gate and then landing on it. Hard to say.

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Fractured elbow from my back wheel slipping on ice while cycling. Went into a bit of a state of denial about it and simply went about my day and it wasn’t until I nearly passed out from pain I decided to go to A&E.

Never actually broken anything. Thought I’d broken a big toe once when one of the horses stepped on my foot with the winter spike of its metal shoe right on the thinnest skin before my toenail. My dad took me to A&E to get x-rays done and all, but nope. Just looked fucking horrible.

A doctor in uni once thought I’d gotten a stress fracture in my foot. I said ok sure, but I don’t remember ever feeling like it broke or anything. She looked at me and said “well, you are a big girl”. (Note: I was way slimmer than I am now, so basically just tall)

Have twisted each of my knees so many times though, and my ankle once, so still been on crutches a fair few times.

Left wrist
Little toe
3 metacarpals in my right hand. Ring finger and little finger on one occasion, middle finger on another occasion (both snowboarding dry slope injuries)
Left arm amputated below elbow </end thread> :wink:


Like a MAN!

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Collar bone
Metatarsal (x2)

All sports-related, except the first one.

Left ankle x 2
Right ankle x 1
Right leg x 1
Right wrist x 1
Hip (right side) x 1
Ribs (assorted) x 5
Collarbone x 1
Nose (does this count?) x 1


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Oh and 1x finger.

Also foot/toes a bunch of times