Broken image links

During the migration, there was a mention that a particular file was not migrated properly, which meant that old image links would be broken at some point because they were pointing at the old image instances, and not the new one. Apologies if there was an update elsewhere, but what happened with this in the end? I’ve noticed that a lot of old image links are now broken, e.g.

There were 679 errors out of around 400k images - let me know if you see any other threads with issues. Looking at the one you’ve mentioned it seems the posts have not been “re-baked” and are still pointing at the old URLs, so might be able to fix that. Hmm, actually I think those specific images failed to copy across, which is why the posts never re-baked.


@Ella_Megablast 's magnum opus in this thread didn’t seem to load for me (but I am on shit WiFi so maybe it’s just that).

Hmm, seems there are more broken images than I expected. I can fix these manually on a case by case basis if there is anything anyone is desperately unhappy to lose…


This thread was quite borked for me.

Noticed a few missing in here but can’t be consistent as some of them were uploaded at same time

Some more broken ones in this thread