Broken Social Scene

Two UK gigs in May

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What are the chances of Brixton selling out before Tuesday (payday)? They haven’t played a venue that size over here before have they? Koko, Forum, Heaven were the last gigs I remember.

Tempted to go down to Manchester for this

Saw them at End of the Road, they were just so sweet and emotional. Seemed genuine even though it had massive potential to be corny as hell.

Think I’ve seen them about four times and still haven’t seen “It’s All Gonna Break” live.

Clearly, I’m a fan.

Got a lovely hug from Kevin Drew during Lover’s Spit at Manchester academy on valentines day, a good few years back.

I’ll get Manchester tickets but looking forward to seeing them at Primavera too

New song


Liking this a lot - similar feels to when I first heard Ibi Dreams of Pavement (jesus, over ten years ago?) after getting into them from, I think, a Mike Diver review on this very site.

Love this new tune. Even more excited for the new album now.

Wasn’t that interested in a new BSS album before but this is pretty good.

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s’ok. The 1str half is a little repetitive, but memorable.


That Immergut festival they are playing looks pretty good actually

so excited for this. been wondering when they were going to come back. new song sounds awesome. my picks for the ‘canadian stars making their mandatory guest appearances’ sweepstake for this album:
all/ some of arcade fire
justin trudeau


Halfway Home is fantastic. This is the best kind of nostalgia.


You can hear Feist on the track for sure, I wonder if Emily Haines plays on this new album?

so bummed i’m going to be overseas for their manchester gig. they are such a great live band and I LOVE the new track

I was actually just about to post the exact same thing… haven’t seen them since '07 and they’re possibly my favourite live band of all time.

Hard to know if this is a one off tour or if they’ll be back this way soon enough after… massively hope it’s the latter

I think it is Ariel Engle not Feist on this one, not really sure though

Their end of the road gig last year was the best I’d ever seen them, fantastic stuff.

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