Broken Social Scene


Loved FRR, not fussed by Hug of Thunder.

s/t still my fav and a very important record to me personally



Absolute fucking state of this by the way.

@Severed799 - you anaw!


don’t know how anyone can deny that at the very least they’re a lesser band than they were


Hard to top You Forgot It In People and the self-titled to be honest. I still think they’re great and always welcome something new.


10/10 band is now 9/10 doesn’t equal utter dogshit, m9s


Would say they’ve been pretty consistent across all releases. Fair enough having a preference for the early stuff but they definitely haven’t fallen off a cliff.

Forgiveness has All to All on it and it’s a well established fact that this is their best song.


Lol, no



Now now now, can’t we all just agree that we all disagree?




Personally really enjoyed Hug of Thunder - it got me back into them having not really paid attention to their last couple of albums. Also caught them at The National all points east date and though they were great fun - really good set and much more enjoyable than when I saw them perhaps 10 years ago when for whatever reason they didn’t do much for me live.

Having said all that, these days I think on balance I might prefer them in Do Make Say Think recording mode


head’s gone


i was really excited for them at APE, but personally thought it was a bit flat. might have just been where i was in the crowd though.


We’re going to have to agree to differ. I re-listened to All to All there and my opinion is that it’s flaccid-sounding watered-down electro-shoegaze with a very predictable vocal melody that I feel like I’ve heard a hundred times. The drop in quality is bordering on Weezer territory.

My opinion though, and it ultimately means nothing.


Just picked up Hug Of Thunder on LP actually. Looking forward to going back to it over the next few days. Seeing them live two years ago was absolutely incredible.


Yeah, you a real feel good factor from their live shows. They all feel proper celebratory and fun. I’ve seen them 4 times now and they’ve always been amazing.


Ah man, totally for got about that tune, what a gem. Going to listen to it right now


Shrug of Thunder amirite @no-class


‘World Sick’ is still brilliant, one of their absolute best tunes. but jeez, the rest of FRR is a colossal let-down, especially after how good that one tune shows the BSS/McEntire combo could be.

like, every other track is either irritating or bland and pointless.