Broken Social Scene

Why would you assume that?

Sweetest Kill yo


Superconnected or Cause = Time for me clive.


‘It’s All Gonna Break’ for me.

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Love this band. Kinda surprised to see them back so quickly after last years (?) scaled down shows as they said those would be the last for a while. Assumed that also meant no music but no complaints.

Should give Hug of Thunder a relisten as it more or less passed me by.

Went to listen to You Forgot It In People yesterday on Spotify off the back of chat here - the album is showing on their discography but for some reason there’s only 4 tracks from it on there despite the rest of their back catalogue being fully available. Not seen that happen for anyone else before - strange.

Been like that for ages

I just assume that for all artists who I consider to be past their peak.

It’s cause = time by some distance

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fave track changes every day but today it’s Feel Good Lost

Shittest track - Forced To Love

I was very defensive of Water In Hell when FRR came out, bigger BSS fans than me hated that one.

Totally missed Hug of Thunder, I’ll check it out someday soon…

No way

Just been relistening to Hug of Thunder. Anyone who doesn’t rate it definitely needs to up their Berocca intake.


‘Mouth Guards of the Apocalypse’ is an incredible closing track.


I generally tend to agree I’ve been less and less interested in BSS since the self-titled, but did want to give a shout out to Kevin Drew’s ‘Spirit If’ album, which is just chock full of great songs. A go-to summer album for me.


Strong agree, superb album.

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