Broken Social Scene

Two nights at Earth in Hackney - the site says Theatre with unallocated seating. Has anyone been to the theatre venue? I desperately want to see them (for the 8th time…) but not sure how I could manage it seated and not pumping my fist into the air repeatedly while hugging as many strangers as I can, if you know what I mean.

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It’s basically set up like this- even though it’s technically a seated venue, it can also practically work as a standing one. When I saw Michael Rother, half the audience was up the front by the end.

there’s limited room where you can stand up at the back by the bar. saw grouper there and it sounded ok but dunno how i’d fancy a whole band show there tbh. we couldn’t find anywhere to sit because loads of obnoxious hipsters were “saving” seats for people.

Can’t remember if I asked you this at the time but how the hell did you cope with the ridiculous amount of cans being opened during her set? I mean I guess she has a hiss going on anyway but that was ridiculous.

Yeah idk that whole gig was just weird af

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Worst thing about all-seated unreserved gigs, it’s always a nightmare at Union Chapel. Get there not too long after doors open and think, “excellent, plenty of space available” only to find there’s loads of jumpers and coats laid out where people have gone to the bar or whatever.

Cheers all.

How big is the ‘pit’ at the front? Ideally, that would be the place to be, no?

You could almost say that it was indicative of a bro-


5 rows deep

View from the seats is better

Does anybody know why Backed Out On The… has been removed from Kevin Drew’s solo album on streaming services? It’s an odd one.

Ibi Dreams of Pavement is the best song btw


World Cup of Broken Social Scene songs next week.


i sent a tweet to kevin asking about this a few months back but never got a reply :neutral_face:

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it’s weird, maybe it’s something to do with J and Lou being on the track? idk

it’s a shame really because it’s the centrepiece of the album imo, the pacing is all weird without it.

I’m really into this concept

if Cause = Time doesn’t win I’ll kill myself

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How would one even pick the songs though :thinking:

Seeding is easy, just names out of a hat.

UK tour cancelled due to health issues.

Oooh. Wonder if this will come across the pond



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