Brook - Golovkin


Getting the Pay-Per-View and having people over for it cause Sheffield city centre will be fucking rank.
Anyone watching it?
Anyone give Brook a chance?
Anyone know much about the undercard and if there’s anything worth watching?
Chat, predictions and etc.
(Golovkin in 6 for me, Clive)


Can I come?!

Looking forward to this fight, although I’m at a wedding and haven’t yet worked
Out how in gonna watch it.


I’m probably going to pay for it. Big Brook fan (despite his title reign being fuck awful) but I don’t give him any chance at all really. If he makes it to 6 he’s done well.

Hall v Haskins should be a decent tear up. They seem to really dislike each other. Dunno much about Edwards’ opponent - going for a world title in his 9th pro bout is pretty ballsy either way. apart from Benn Jr smashing his way through another no mark (which is about right for his level of development tbf) I’m not sure what else is on offer.


I’ll say GGG in 8. We’ve got BT now and can’t get the PPV legally so might invite myself around to my bro-in-laws. Not heading into Wigan to watch it!


just get tha sen over t’ snake to Sheff


wish I could mate!


watching the Ward - Townend fight before people turn up. Met a guy in a pub last night who’s spunked a hundred on a Brook win tonight. Bookies are going to make a fortune out of the city of Sheffield tonight


It’s just throwing money away - but I’d love it (LOVE IT) if he won a bundle from a surprise Brook win.

My money (a whole 5 pounds of it) is for Brook to get knocked out between rounds 6-8. Probably optimistic.


Yeah I chucked a hopeful fiver on the sixth. This (Edwards - Casimero) should be a really good fight


not sure about boxers wearing tights. not sure about it at all


Edwards is doing ok but looks a bit green. As you’d expect for where he’s at I guess. But he’s gonna have to up his game if he wants to win this one.


yup, first time I’ve seen him but Casimero looks really good, and like he’s hurting Edwards. Something will have to change sharpish or this will be over within 7/8


Really enjoying Paulie Malignaggi on co-comms (largely because NY italian-american is easily the best US accent)


Yeah, too much too soon for Edwards. His trainers/handlers should take some of the blame - every pro prospect feel they’re ready after 9 fights but few are. He put in a good show though. He’s not that far from being at that level.

The best Smith is looking good, as expected. He’s one who is due for a real challenge.


Wife is away this weekend, so in the absence of either the PPV chez AggPass, or the desire to pay £££ to watch it on my own, I’ll be trying to find an alternative method of keeping up. Feels like Brook is going to get the pasting of a lifetime, but hopefully he’ll surprise us.


come on over


Can’t make a logical argument for anything other than a Golovkin stoppage.

GGG in rounds 1-4.


Been a pretty weak card so far :confused: very one sided fights.
Current fight looks to be shaping up nicely though, Haskins looking better IMO
Golovkin should walk it later


had a bit of a dabble on ggg by points at 7/1. think there’s a better than 12% chance kell sees the bell - golovkin looked a bit rough on the scales.


The Edwards fight was good. One sided perhaps but not desperately so.

I regret shelling out for the PPV though. And I wish that was the first time I’ve typed that sentence.