Bros documentary - BBC4/iplayer


Yes the 80s pop band. I’m barely 10 mins in and it’s already had more brentisms than your average episode of the office. Incredible, some of the cuts means I can’t get tell if it’s parody or not.


The greatest thing I have ever seen and utterly implore everyone to watch it ASAP.

They are insane.


I watched it last night. Matt’s painting of his dog with a pint of beer! “I decided I wasn’t going to be superstitious because of Stevie Wonder”. So many WTF moments.


I’ve just finished it. It’s up there with Some Kind of Monster or Dig, incredible. I could already quote so much of it, will def watch again before New Years with some mates.


“I’m a London boy… Big Ben… Embankment… Cab drivers…”


CNN is like a thinking man’s reality show :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


How long is it up on iplayer for?


Hopefully forever (probably a month at least)


When I was in Las Vegas one of the Bros twins was playing their. It was very odd. Imagine paying money to see half of Bros


Some proper spinal tap moments :joy: the illusion of real pyros has done me in


According to the doc it was apparantly the best show they’d had there since Frank Sinatra :joy:


Rome wasn’t built in a day. But we don’t have as long as they had.


Cried twice tbf


This is brilliant! :grinning:


the ‘all men are kings… street sweepers’ speech is genuinely some kind of genius.




“He’s a rectangle. I am a rectangle. Together we are a square…that’s a fortress”


Right, definitely need to watch this now. Great quote


Is it as good as ‘Bucks Fizz- Trouble At The Top’?

Definitely watching.


Imcredible! :joy: