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Part of the ‘Bros uniform’ innit. Wakes up, then BOOM, straight into Bros mode.


Yeah, but did he put on the best Vegas show since Sinatra?

All kidding aside, having a 7 year residency in Vegas is hella good. I know it’s lowest common denominator bullshit, but how many other people have done that?


The Concerts section of their Wikipedia says they played:

Wembley Arena - 2 shows July 1988
Wembley Arena - 4 shows December 1988
Wembley Stadium - 1 show August 1989

Definitely not 15 shows at Wembley Stadium!


MJ played 15 nights at old Wembley across his career, totalling 1.1m people… Bros are, believe or not, not listed:


Half an hour in. Brilliant stuff. Matt is an absolute walloper. Lovely mix of stupid and some actual pathos.


Fuck me the conkers bit :joy:


“I’m not a hippy, but I believe in energy with every fibre of my soul.”


handy cos in the old 80s interview clips i could absolutely not tell them apart at all


yeah i dunno, on watching it i thought Matt was obviously the self aggrandising, quotable idiot with a weird temper (particularly his weird little brief tantrum in the pyros bit) and Luke came across relatively normal and rounded in comparison.

but come to think of it Luke reminded me a lot of that friend who falls out with you about something minor on a night out and will refuse to let it go and keep ostentatiously trying to make peace with you even you don’t care that i presume everyone has.


for me the worst bit was after luke throws that massive paddy and then tries to act like it was nothing the next day when they’re on the TV show. made him seem like an actual nightmare person.


that paddy was justified, they were making suggestions that he took on board, he made one and they completely tried to shut him down


kinda thought it was fair enough that he got a bit annoyed that they wouldn’t even entertain trying out his suggestion once, could at least humour him for 30 seconds or so before discarding it. probably not worth storming out over though eh.


ttf has spoken


not a massive fan of the old ‘throwing a paddy’ term tbh although i’d genuinely never heard it until like a year ago

Things you have been slow to realise

I really got the vibe that when Matt was making suggestions for Luke it was more about establishing dominance rather than purely musical, making Luke’s reaction understandable


hmm you’re right, never even thought about the origins of it but does seem to be dodgy. will endeavour not to say it in future


I thought better if him for that. Just move on, keep things going, it’s not a big deal etc


They’re both the type of people who attempt to de-escalate situations in an ever more escalating manner.


Since when do drummers get opinions?


fair, dunno if i’d have connected it but an english friend asked me if it was racist once and i had to google it as i didn’t even know what it meant