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he started it!!!


reckon drummers have a better sense of arrangement than most over instruments, no coincidence most of the best songwriters started as drummers


i’d literally never thought about it but then was like oh yeah


phil collins, and erm… hmm


kurt cobain, j mascis, conor oberst off the top of my head




Big fan of their dart game. As if a game of what sounded like Falling Dart Chicken is indicative of health and safety gone mad :smiley:


I’ll give you Mascis but I’d never consider the other two as drummers.


Bob Dylan


Cobs learnt drums first and was a good drummer according to Grohl, Oberst probably a weaker example but drummed in Park Ave. which was one of his first bands. My own anecdotal evidence, learning drums definitely improved my playing of other instruments, the feel and subtitles are essential in drums and it seeped into my other instrument playing. Maybe shouldn’t have linked it with songwriting, but definitely think drummers get the structure, dynamics and feel, and therefore matt should have listened to luke


ringo starr


best beatle, said it before


Other notable drummers who became frontpeople; Madonna, Bobby Gillespie… can’t be many more.


Belinda Carlisle
Chris Reifert


played bass with The Wake before he drummed for JAMC, possibly ruins the theory a bit


Chris cornell started on the drums for soundgarden


the silverchair drummer


Singer of Girl Band was the drummer first apparantly, then their old singer left and he was like “I wanna try and do vocals” and they got their current drummer in and the rest, as they say is music facts I bore my tinder dates with


think roddy womble was a drummer too


taylor swift - drummer

sufjan stevens - drummer

that guy from razorlight - drummer