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Yer man from the Eels is a great drummer.


just so I don’t get called out on this



but thats another story



Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder played drums on a ton of Motown singles and they’re pretty handy at writing songs…


Can’t believe you’re all ruining this thread with pish drummer chat.
This thread is about bros and their pish drummer!



Mike Kinsella drums in half his bands (and is amazing)





I’d be interested to hear their take on its surprise popularity


1st half of the documentary

Luke “Truly humbling trying to get my head around it”
Matt "As Kevin Costner said in the american football film Dream Fields ‘If you play they will come’ "

2nd Half

Luke “Pleased to be finally recognised as a musical talent”
Matt “Truly humbling trying to get my head around it”


Was listening to Richard Herrings podcast with Trevor and Simon and it turns out he went to school with the brothers Goss. Didn’t like them much (neither did Trevor and Simon)


Richard Herring?

He went to a private school in Somerset. I don’t think Bros did that, did they?

EDIT: apparently they lived in Cheddar when they were young. I got the impression from the documentary that they grew up in London.


They’re London boys!! You know…Embankment…London taxis etc.


keep cracking up whenever I think about the conkers bit. couldn’t script it and the comic timing is 10/10.

funniest bit of telly in years and years


…well this explains the CHEEEEEEESSSSEEFFFEESSSTT!!


Are we all just ignoring the fact that the ken doll looking one was chewing on the angry one’s ear and neither found it weird


I glossed over that when my bf started suggesting there was something a bit more to that part


I imagine if you have a twin you would be oralising each other and shit all the time. Identical of course, I’m not a pervert.