Bros documentary - BBC4/iplayer


For God’s sake, Balonz.


Ah sorry!
Can’t get the image out of my head tbh. Really tonguing it at one point


A 90 minute film focused on them, and I came away still only knowing the same one chorus of theirs that I knew before.


Me personally?


Yeah. Are you a twin?


It was more the fact that Luke seemed very unphased by his brother tonging up his lug holes


Also i keep seeing Bros and thinking Bross but then when I say it out loud, I keep saying bros like brothers

Quite annoying


I know their song about Big Ben being a great defender.


Not that I know of! Sorry


YEAH! It’s a bit like when dogs can tell another dog has an ear infection so they lick it for them


I don’t mind having my ear licked



90 outstanding minutes of television there, we kept having to pause it because they were creasing us up too much. “I think that hindsight is the philosophy of thoughts… That’s one of the expressions I’ve used. I love words, but I think that it’s valid”. Incredible work.


Why am I still so obsessed with this documentary? :laughing:


Gonna watch it again tonight :smiley:


I missed this one? Wtf.

The words that come out of this man.


Hahahahaha so so so great! Quite fancy him tbf. Suspicious that he commissioned that portrait of his dog but we never saw him on screen though :thinking:


okay i’m picking up where i left off - only managed 17 mins the first time round but there are so many insane quotes in that first 17 mins

he’s just hugged the cabin crew as he got off the plane and i want to die already


just seen the big argument - definitely think Matt is the problem there, clearly thinks he’s the big shot and Luke doesn’t have any ideas worth hearing. Luke also tries to diffuse and Matt just keeps yelling ‘fucking’ at him.


The dog refused to take part, fee was too low


All the schools in Cheddar are state schools (I grew up there, but was too young to encounter Herring or Bros, unfortunately).