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Wikipedia says they grew up in Camberley and went to Collingwood (state school). I don’t know who to believe!


Genesis are screening it in a double bill with Spinal Tap.


What a weird thing to say, right?

“Yeah I’m from Glasgow. Shops, heart disease, football, poverty and @Lo-Pan.”


I did a bit of reading up.

Up until the age of about 9, the Goss brothers and Richard Herring lived in Cheddar and went to one of the local state schools. Then the Goss family moved to Camberley in Surrey, where they went to secondary school. Herring went to the Kings Of Wessex school, where his dad was headmaster.


I have memories of destroying Kings at basketball growing up. Neither the Bros bros or Herring were on their team.


What exalted company :grinning:


You’re in the tourist guidebooks too. Local character.


I know Kings of Wessex sounds a bit posh, but it was the local state school! The name is because there is a ruined Saxon palace on the site. Fairlands, where Bros encountered Herring, was the middle school (years 5-8), and Kings was years 9-13.



Every now and then i find myself wondering what became of Bumbler and his trusty Dougal sidekick.



Theres a bagel shop opened near where I work in Edinburgh called this, still trying to work out the joke.


My wife is in Las Vegas this week, she sent me a pic yesterday of a big billboard that said: “The New King of Vegas: MATT GOSS”.


One of my atds is in Vegas and staying at the hotel he’s playing at. He also sent me a pick


Please share these pictures if possible


Interview with the director here:



Is that where the name comes from?!

(Mind blown if so)


roughly what minute is the big argument


i thought they said that when they were talking about the names for the band? No idea why they decided to rhyme it with goss


They’re the Goss Bros!