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They have to Come Back to London so I’d say you are wrong


I sure did. My pal and I went through the empties in the bottle bin outside the rugby club after hockey practice to find them. Also:

-pale palest blue stonewashed jeans with rips at the thigh and knee
-“sun-in” highlighted hair (which was quite orange , looking back) which was spiral permed but had a straight quiff at the front that I backcombed and hairsprayed until it was solid.


Big Ben, embankment, cab drivers


a show which preceded them cancelling an entire tour (most likely due to not selling any tickets)

anyway, hope this show goes well for them.


Who’s putting it on? Gonna try and grab a support slot



EDIT: Looks like @UnicornPorn has got the ‘look’ covered up ^there…


The council estate bible


More than Craig not being mentioned, this felt like the biggest omission from the show. Particularly when they are stood there in the O2, saying “lets do a world tour” when the UK tour had been cancelled a few weeks previous.

Have seen/heard a couple of interviews with the directors, and they never get asked about this, but their defence of everything seems to be “its not a documentary about Bros, it’s about brothers, and their relationship, and we are delighted everyone has fallen in love with them again”

Which is a natty line, if slightly disingenuous.


A facebook friend bought a couple of tickets for the O2 comeback show - and there then followed increasingly desperate messages looking for someone, anyone to go with her. I don’t think she even went in the end (I guess solo gig going is not her thing)


Oh and speaking as someone old enough to remember them 1st time round - there was loads of hype and hysteria, but the only songs I can remember are When Will I be Famous and Drop the Boy


Explains why she waited for the reunion and didn’t see Matt’s show


if you could do half likes my like would be a half like, but I’ve been forced to round up. Bit overly generous really



Both their Eurovision songs were bangers.


Did this too, as was suspicious they barely included any music from the ‘Brosmania’ times in the doc despite it being an official thing.

Turns out they are the exact opposite of one of those bands people go to see and say ‘You forget how many amazing songs they have!’


Brixton tickets are £100. My sibling WhatsApp group isn’t happy.


Bloody hell. This is going to be an excellent test of just how much people like to have a semi-ironic good time.


The only songs i can remember (and sing the chorus of) are ‘When Will I Be Famous’ and ‘I Owe You Nothing’. I have looked at the list of their other hits, but i don’t remember them at all.


I’m going to say that their manager noted the success of the documentary and bunged the prices up. They might be in for a shock, given that most of the viewers were not exactly Bros fans. I don’t know, it’s a third of the capacity of the O2 so there might just be enough hardcore loons. Extend it across the country at those prices and the result will be the same as last time.


Same here with the addition of cat among the pigeons, which is a phrase which a genius songwriter couldn’t make sound good, and of course they aren’t.