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Just watched it for the 3rd time this month (yes I know) and my friend afterwards quite sincerely asked why they didn’t mention George Michael.

“…why would they?”

“Didn’t one of them date him?”

Turned out she assumed Kenny Goss was one of the Bros brothers because of the name and was waiting patiently for their massive and well-publicised romance to show up. :rofl:


“Thankfully there were bubbles”


The style icon Sam Smith could have been! :smiley:


Taken from this Twitter thread which has screen grabs of the best bits:


Wot no Craig Logan?

Bros’ album Push was the first I ever bought. On tape. While on holiday at Skegness Butlins. Got the Yazz album soon after. The only way was up.

It’s all very well remembering cast iron bangers like When Will I Be Famous and Drop The Boy but what about white boy soul classic Cat Among The Pigeons?

Great stuff. Didn’t know about this doc. Will watch.


It was very weird that there is this 3rd member elephant in the room who’s in all the old pictures and clips but does not get mentioned once by anyone


Matt Gosspel Choir hahaha.


Just looked up Right Said Fred to see what their non-brother member was called. Rob Manzoli! But I never knew this…

Prior to forming Right Said Fred, the Fairbrass brothers had been playing music since the late 1970s: as part of a band called The Actors, the brothers had toured with Suicide and supported Joy Division at the Factory club in Manchester.

The Fairbrass brothers formed the group in 1989, with Richard on lead vocals and bass and Fred on guitar. Prior to forming the group, Richard was employed as a session bassist for artists including Boy George, Mick Jagger and David Bowie, and appears as the bass guitarist in Bowie’s short film Jazzin’ for Blue Jean. In 1987, Fred appeared as a guitarist in the Bob Dylan vehicle Hearts of Fire.

:hushed: Blimey.


Has to be some gagging clause right?


Wow this is some top Christmas trivia to bore/amaze people with!


More likely they refused to take part


Looked it up on Wikipedia, he actually left super early on due to having ME didn’t want to do the reunion but wished them well

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The conkers bit for me is my favourite bit so far (the drummer one just going “I can live with it”)


Don’t really get it, must have been scripted to some extent, but only funny if real


It reminds a bit of The Armstrongs that Double Glazing Documentary in that it seems scripted because if it’s real its weird.


Just started this

Oh my word :joy:


Do they ever mention who the other guy is?? Seems to have glossed over the 3rd member of Bros??


Just got it on with my mum. Why does he skim stones at such a high arc