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We’ve covered this up there :wink:


Basically he was called Craig, no one fancied him and he left early

He’s not mentioned at all in the doco which is odd


Look at these heads!

Sorry I could write a lot of this.


“Big Ben watched us, the big defender”



I’ve still got the cassette!! One side was called PUSH, the other was PULL!


First and last (and ONLY?) Craig interview from just after he left. Remarkably serious vibe to the questions, Graham Norton it’s not.


I really enjoyed that but couldn’t work out who was a bigger nut job??
I started off thinking Matt was the worst then Luke took over for a bit but then ultimately Matt was quite delusional and so weird.
What was with all his shit metaphors?? 15 one way streets and one 2 way street that we met in the middle of and the tour helped them find genesis and a new planet that has water on that they can create life?? He’s got to be on some drugs.


He’s got to be doing something right to be such a Vegas success though. I wonder what he sings there? Presumably it’s lots of standards rather than wall to wall Bros songs


I’m fairly sure my work friend took his wife to see him in Vegas cause she’s a huge fan. I’ll have to ask him but I’m imaging him just doing a load of crooner covers. But you know, better than frank Sinatra did


Bit ashamed to admit Matt Goss is a bit fit?? He’s 50!


Matt is a total LA casualty but Luke just seemed like a total nightmare with a huge chip on his shoulder. Luke takes the biscuit for me, easily.


Luke seemed the reasonable one to me, he tried out their ideas, they needed to try out his


On one hand you had one brother acting like they’re better than the other brother and that they hold the cards…and the other brother is jealous of his better brother who burned him by going solo


Aww they just need their mum.

I like that Matt has a Reasonable Doubt jumper when they do that acoustic sesh.


Although Luke was wearing a green day tshirt


I think Luke is probably fine being an actor away from his brother

For the live show he really should have just concentrated at being ok at the drums and left the rest to his brother/ the other actual professional musicians seeing as he’d not been doing it for years and years and years.


Kind of ruined by having a long sad dead mum bit, just want them being nobs.

Mention Bros several times a year to remind my sister she said ‘I don’t like the music but the clothes are cool’. Fuck knows how I remember that but I’m never letting it go.


I actually came out of it liking them both quite a lot.

I mean obviously it’s funny and all, but fair play and all on their post Bros success


And Matt>Luke