Bros documentary - BBC4/iplayer


He’s very good at wearing a hat at a jaunty angle


He was a cross between Paul Danan (remember him?) and Jude Law. He looks fucking great for 50.


Bang on :grinning:


If these two aren’t on the Paul Danan instagram by the end of the week I will be fuming.


Looks like quiet a good show at the end tbh, and they look well happy,


Think they cancel the rest of the dates


A 100+ thread on DIS about a Christmas telly show, and it’s a docu about the Bros reunion tour! Didn’t see this coming. If i was the fella who made the film i’d be well pleased at the reaction it seems to have had.


Think I saw James Cordens name on the list of producers.


Yeah, started out like meowington said, but Matt’s delusional and Luke’s just…annoying


And Dave Rowntree is in the list of music something-or-others.

Just watched it tonight. Fully recommend. Perfect balance of ernest, vacuous and endearing.

Luke > Matt, for spending any time with.


Bros Before Hos


Watched again with a few friends tonight, a couple of them didn’t move to the UK until the early 2000s so didn’t really have an idea of who Bros were (both were familiar with When Will I Be Famous the song, just not with the band). One of these friends quite astutely said about half way through “they’re basically like a 1980s British version of The Garden; incredibly pretty aryan twins but make shit music”, haha.

Everyone enjoyed it, laughed at all the Brentisms, some tears at the more emotional parts yet actually were rooting for them by the end.

I wonder how the brothers feel about the doc though? Also I’m gonna try and find that film that Luke wrote and starred in that he was editing together at towards the start of the doc, it’s no doubt gonna be terrible but probably in quite a funny way.


Couldn’t properly shake the following thought:

Matt = Lewis Hamilton
Luke = Gareth from The Office


Really looking forward to watching this. Remember way back in the day NME put them on the cover, did a surprisingly good interview/overview of them. Talking about how their fans are a kind of tribe, like metal fans or Smiths fans. Drummer Bros talked about being into The The (for the drums) and The Clash. They came out sounding like good lads.


Craig. Poor Craig airbrushed from history


I reckon they must have had oversight of the doc, it’s dedicated to their mum at the end, doubt they would do that if not happy with it, think it is probably a semi spoof


don’t analyse, just enjoy


Just started watching. My God, this is solid gold :joy:




Don’t knock it meow. :grin: