Bros documentary - BBC4/iplayer




Me and my mum preferred the broser with the shaved head.


I like that one of them shaved his head so we can tell them apart


Loved that. Hilarious and actually quite touching in the end


You’re also just as babe-like!!


My sis and bro loved bros way back when. I’m looking forward to watching this.


Just watched this

No where near as comedic as implied here

Just sad…two people carrying so much hurt



Agreed that it’s very poignant in the end. Some incredible Brent-isms are mixed in as well though


That This Morning interview actually took place in the end despite it looking from the film that it went tits up, hard to tell if the backstage row happened before or after but either way…


matt looks irked


Matt looks pissy


Only watching because everyone’s talking about it. 5 mins in and it’s already hysterical. The bulldog with the pint of beer!! :joy:


So much ^This


That bit just reminded me of this:


Just watched this. Outstanding stuff. I went looking for info about the barely mentioned third member and found this review of the gig:

Naturally this seismic event, scaled down to two nights at the O2 after other dates were mysteriously cancelled, begins with a support slot from former Capital DJ Pat Sharp. Nobody on stage, or in the audience for that matter, will have as much fun as Pat. During one intense two-minute segment that sees Backstreet Boys mixed into Steps’ 5,6,7,8, Sharp bellows bon mots including, but not limited to, “keep your hands in the air!”, “ooh-ooh!”, “the Bros boys are back!!!”, “I don’t want to see anybody sitting down!”, “yeah!” and, of course, “woo!!!”.

“Who had a poster of Matt and Luke on their wall?” he hollers at one point, pausing before adding, with a slightly Partridgian sigh: “I miss posters, don’t you?”


Found out this week has just shutdown, sad time for posters


Currently watching the Luke Goss film “Your Move”, it’s an absolute mess on many levels.


Thanks for doing this important work on behalf of the forum :grinning:


Is he also the lead as well as writer/ director?


Yep, author, visionary, dreamweaver plus actor

It’s not even funny in a Room way don’t watch it, looks like it could have been put together for about £200, half the shots of Luke are of the back of his head, camera work and editing is as dodgy as Luke’s American accent (seems like he just gives it up half way through the film) and the colour grading is ridiculous, all the indoor shots look like they’re lit purely by blue and purple UV lights, the outdoor shots make all the walls look like they’re painted luminous yellow and greens. Some scenes and dialogue feel like they’ve been put in there to add time to it, so unnessacary.