Bros documentary - BBC4/iplayer


okay I’m like 10mins in, there is no fucking way this is real


I found it really sad after an hour or so. Don’t really have the heart to finish it off


Holy fuck this is incredible. I am cringing the skin off my body.


I cannot deal with this fucking hat.


Just watched this, the laughs dry up in the last half hour, but everything up to then is solid gold.


Expecting it to feature high up in jook’s best documentaries poll.


Yeah. The consistent yet jaunty angle.


It’s the bickering that I enjoyed the most


My favourite bit was probably “chess, love a bit of chess, have a few glasses of scotch, a few long games of scotch… Err games of chess”


If I see a man sweeping the road I think “you’re my king” because… I don’t wanna sw… sweep the road


Mine was where he was like
H…o…m…e…those letters mean a lot to me
(Or some bullshit)


“Because those letters personify home”


I had to rewind, because of a noisy child’s toy, to see what the end of his about Stevie Wonder was. It was something like:

"Because of Stevie Wonder I made a conscious decision to…


…not be superstitious."

Fucking did me.


Followed by a visit to his conversation corner (two armchairs next to each other). Can only imagine the conversations that have been had there.


The conkers bit :smile:


They really do if you think about it.


Was good until they went into rehearsal.




Just watched this. Hysterical, sad and sweet all at the same time. Enjoyed it much more than I thoughti would.


Was doubled over laughing at this :joy::joy: