Bros documentary - BBC4/iplayer


I rewound it and filmed it on my phone so I could send it to people on WhatsApp in isolation.


Keep giggling to myself about it. Really want my brothers and sister to watch so we can talk about it. My sis was a huge fan as was my wee bro.


Can’t believe no one has mentioned the weed leaf wristband which he wears to drum AND in the talking head sections


Really enjoyed this, Matt’s mixed metaphors were a work of art. Ended up as a fascinating character study, two pretty interesting characters. Matt is pure Paul Danan, living in cloud cuckoo land, except he’s obviously talented. I assumed he was gay but apparently he’s a prolific dater - could definitely carry his own reality show. Has had a lot of work done but looks pretty good for it.

Luke is almost more interesting - seems outwardly pretty content and a chilled dude doing his own thing, happily married for a long time and looking amazing for his age - but then it turns out he’s clearly been deeply fucked up by jealously for his brother being the frontman and “more handsome” one and no amount of yoga zen can hide it.

The whole psychology of twins and double acts is interesting really. Saw something a while ago about Cannon and Ball, apparently they went about 10 years not talking to each other except on stage, and it’s not like they were living under high pressured tabloid scrutiny. I guess when your life is so deeply tied to another persons, it’s always going to take its toll.


Just realised what this reminds me of, Brian Pern


Ah, what a programme that was


Watched it again. Can’t believe how shit the song they’re crying through is. Unbelievable.


Is it not about their dead sister though?


Finally got round to watching this last night. Loved how the brothers Goss both went into the reunion trying to be mature and cordial, only to completely lose it over a keyboard intro. Also liked how much Matt’s apartment reminded me of Ron Burgundy’s in Anchorman. Also what was with all his 1950s bandana rituals?


No idea.


After watching the first section of the doc through tears of laughter, found this bit genuinely moving.


Forgot about the bandana!

“I put this bandana on at night then in the morning I just pull it down and i’ve naturally got a bandana around my neck”



Just saw that bit. (Been watching this in wee chunks over the last few days).

Seven hours of manscaping?!?!


Pubes of steel.


Why is manscaping part of the huge gig is what I want to know


No mention of Craig in this but seems after all he’s probably the most successful of the three of them.

Internets tells me in 1989 he increasingly became frustrated at not playing on the records, frequently questioned the terrible contract they were locked into with the management and decided to quit at the height of their fame.

Subsequently enrolled at the Royal School of Music and learnt piano

Wrote an album for Kim Appleby

Joined EMI at age 25 and became VP of International

Went into artist management with a number of big pop bands, signed and managed Pink

Joined Sony BMG then became director at RCA label


Apparently he was interviewed, but it’s only on the DVD extras.


Looks like he Logan’s run at the right time

(please feel free to use this yourself)


He probably just said stuff that was 100% sensible and 0% entertainment


Do like how Bros’ biggest hit featured the line ‘when will I see my picture in the paper’. Fast forward a year or so and they’re being secretly photographed in the bath. Careful what you wish for etc.