Brothers and sisters


How many have you got, and do you get on? Living in London + jobs/uni mean that my 3 younger but adult siblings live at home which is awful in some ways but quite good in others, we’re good friends. What’s the worst thing your sibling has done to you? When I was about 12 my sister threw a power rangers toy across the room and it hit me square in the face :sob: my cousin who was basically an only child had all the best consoles and was allowed to watch 18 films and play violent games (I thought I was so cool at 8 because I had watched all the Bruce Lee films and played hours of killer instinct) and I wished I was an only child for years but not any more :+1: are you an only child? Did it bother you?


We gonna get ya!


One and yes. I used to beat the crap out of him when we were kids though. Now he gets his own back by being richer and more grown-up than me.


Three brothers (two older, one younger). Get on well with all of them, not really a week that goes by where I don’t spend time with at least one of them.

We used to fight a lot when we were younger, but kids are like that. Even when we were getting on well we would go into our front hall sometimes (which had no windows), turn off all the lights and have a fight in pitch darkness which would normally end with someone in tears. Good times.


One sister. We don’t really get on.

I mean, we don’t “not get on”, it’s more that we’re very different people and aren’t that close.


Only child but a half brother and a half sister. However I grew up while they were in another country.


two biggie sisses


2 older brothers, we are all pretty different really. I’m the arty nobhead obviously!

Can’t remember anything much worse than a few punches when I was a kid for annoying them.


An older sister and two younger brothers, we all get on very well and always have done. My two brothers are basically my best pals.


Only child.

Didn’t really bother me. Although I have since acquired a sister-in-law who is 4 years younger and winding her up, etc is good fun, so it probably would’ve been alright to have had a sibling.


One older brother, formerly 2 older brothers.
We get on very well, as far as brothers with a pretty big age gap go


Younger sister. Get on brilliantly.
Even younger brother. Real issues with mental health and drugs which have been challenging (obvs not his fault)
Even younger adopted brother. Bizarre young chap. Best source of anecdotes I’ve ever come across. Awful personal hygeine.
Even younger adopted brother. Looks like an absolute bruiser but is a adorably sweet.


my sister’s really great, don’t think anyone could dislike her. she came to visit at the weekend and we went to rewire festival and smoked weed and got drunk. think we have similar senses of humour but otherwise are pretty different, she’s quite extroverted and that. reckon i’d be better suited to the younger sibling role


once we cut holes in eachothers clothes


what are you?

  • Oldest, parents just learning the ropes and doing what they could
  • Middle child of insignificance
  • Youngest and therefore best
  • Chesney Hawkes

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Oh another great thing about my siblings is that they are as lame as I an about certain things, like knowing loads of simpsons songs off by heart or going the woods to play Pokemon go (which we did the other week after buying chips with GREAT results)


Wobbuffet sounds like a really shit dubstep festival


A younger sister. We’re very different people, and as such aren’t really ‘friends’, but definitely care for each other on a deep level - will always help each other out and that.


One of each and I’m the oldest. We all get on great. We all usually get together once a week, if our parents are involved then it will be all round theirs for a Sunday roast otherwise it’s normally take-away at one of our houses.


I got the female version that is exactly the same as the male but for some reason wears lipstick :heart_eyes: