Brown Sugar

They are becoming rarer. I suppose my mind finds something else to be impressed by. The bread/toast metamorphosis for example.

I add brown sugar to all sorts of foods during cooking to sweeten. Try putting a bit on a pizza or into a chilli, really works. Tend to buy it over white sugar as i assumed it’s slightly healthier, but i’ve never actually checked.

Sort of related, but i switched to sweeteners for a while. No difference in taste of brews at all, but it did coincide with a period of feeling rough as fuck. When i did a bit of research into them the main ingredient, Aspartame, has been strongly linked to all sorts of things, including serious eye disorders, strokes, depression, etc. Weird. Think it’s the stuff they used in fizzy drinks, basically sugar 100².

Cheers for the reminder - I really must set aside some time to make my Christmas cake soon.

Yeah I’m always suspicious when a usually sugar-free product claims to have no sugar too. WHAT HEINOUS SUBSTANCE ARE YOU REPLACING IT WITH

i’m just here to help

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