Bruce Springsteen Thread - Touring now!

Hmmm sounds like my Working on a Dream fears were warranted.

Yep. I’m kind of getting a Roy Orbison vibe from this new one.

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Roy Orbison… singing for the lonely?

Is… Tunnel of Love actually his second best album?

I’ve never heard it.

It’s not, but it is a decent one. Definitely top half of his catalogue, although the production is a bit dated now.


I don’t personally understand how Nebraska isn’t first.


BITUSA is 35 years old today! :us::jeans:

This complete run through the album from 2013 has just been uploaded:

Expect some of you were there? I was at the Coventry/BTR show.

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London that tour, we got Darkness (which was a real treat)


This feels like his best album since the 80s.

Big fan of Joad, The Rising, D&D and Magic but they weren’t without their filler. This is a far more consistent listen from start to finish. Love it.

If you look up “filler” in the dictionary it just plays an mp3 file of ‘Sleepy Joe’s Cafe’ off this record!

Not convinced yet. It’s better than the WOAD pt 2 I was expecting, but I’m still not sure I’m sold on the slick MOR sound.

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I need another listen. First impression is that there’s massive overkill on the orchestral strings. Definitely prefer the usual solo Springsteen - stripped back and minimal. But hey, he’s earned the right to do what he wants!

A couple of standout tracks that are among the best he’s put out in 30 years. But yea, Sleepy Joe’s Café is the low point!

WOAD presumably standing for War On A Drugs here?

I am enjoying this in a comfy slippers kind of way, but it does sound a bit like Adam Granduciel went to record an album but forgot to pack his delay pedal.

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‘Tuscan Train’ is a pretty brilliant song eh?


Tuscon, sheesh fat fingers

Can’t see the fuss in this one and I say that as a Springsteen fan. Maybe I need to listen to it down Route 66 or something for it to reveal itself.

Heh :slight_smile: Nevertheless, on first listen this is good Bruce.

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Sorry, I replied to the wrong person up there. Was laughing at the “Adam Granduciel forgot his delay pedal” comment :see_no_evil:

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I am really enjoying this.