Bruce Springsteen





Can’t think of anyone out there who’s had such a trajectory from zero credibility to maximum credibility within my peer group during my lifetime. He was the epitome of unfashionable in the 90s and now look at us fawn.




Greetings From Asbury Park through to Tunnel of Love is probably my favourite run of albums by any musician/band



poor man’s Meatloaf


Only one that comes close is Fleetwood Mac, but they’re not as adored as Springsteen among the indie bedwetters crowd.

Incidentally, I have a theory that the rehabilitation of Springsteen’s reputation coincides with the death of known Bossphobe John Peel. Once Peel died it was okay to like Bruce, for some reason


1, 2, 3, 4
Highways jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive


Probably helps that he reunited with the E Street Band as well





Even reading that sentence fucks me up. What a hero.


I’m a pretty boring hetero but young Bruce is well sexy


How to time a live song intro:

Met Bruce 10 hours after arriving in America. My Facebook profile pic will never change.


This guy gets it^


Born to Run was the first dance song at my wedding


absolutely untouchable


The Hold Steady version of this is also pretty great - they go full E-street band on it rather than stripped down Nebraska sound