Do you ever have it? Is it just breakfast food but later? Lunch food but earlier? Its own genre of meal? What is the time window? What’s your perfect brunch? Talk to me about brunch.

Thread inspired by my hungry hungry belly.

I don’t eat breakfast and skip straight to lunch usually.

I probably shouldn’t have commented on this thread.

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Thanks for stopping by!

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Weekends I’ll brunch.

Basically just a more substantial, later breakfast though isn’t it


Think for me it’s just breakfast but a bit later, maybe slightly combined with lunch food. 10am-12pm is brunchtime. Egg & bacon sandwich and a portion of chips = a good brunch.

Not really, no - unless maybe I’m on holiday / in a hotel where there’s no breakfast provided

It’s short. 10.30am-11.59am

Would you say 10-10.30 is still breakfast time then?

Reckon 10-11 can be brunch or breakfast time depending on how long you’ve been awake

Yeah I’d say so. McDonald’s still sells breakfasts until 10.30am so that’s a good plumbline

They’re idiots. 10am is brunchtime even if you only woke up at 9.59.

Only really a weekend thing for me as I’d usually expect it to last me until an early evening meal. But yes, I love a good brunch.

I go out for brunch, so can be anywhere between 10-12 time wise.
if im at home its just eating, which can be anything. toast anytime of the day is toast etc.

the time is a limit put on by the establishments, who may have a time restricted breakfast menu, brunch menu or lunch menu…

I brunch, chillax AND staycate.

This is somewhere I go to eat if and when I happen to be in Sofia but always for lunch and never actual brunch

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This is the thing for me, if I have brunch then it throws the rest of my mealtimes all out. Hungry again at 4, then what!


Love a brunch. Contents are flexible but I’d say the defining characteristic of brunch is that I go out somewhere to have it. Otherwise it’s just breakfast or lunch. Timescale anywhere from 10:00 to 13:15.

#1 brunch item: Eggs Benedict. Something I love but can rarely be arsed to make at home.

Late lunch.

Does Mr Brunch mind you doing this? What is his first name?

pints with brunch

  • yes
  • no…?
  • not on pints book

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4pm is way past late lunchtime you absolute maniac.