Brussels for a day - very specific travel thread

Hi all, heading to Belgium tomorrow evening to surprise an ATD. Only going to be in Brussels for Saturday, leaving Sunday morning. As such I think we’ll be spending our time catching up and drinking so recommendations for sweet bars and places to eat around the Rue de Livourne would be greatly appreciated!

Do not bother with the pissing boy.

I have only been to Brussels for like 2 hours so cannot help, sorry.




I am pretty sure that the last time we talked brussel here, this exact* conversation happened.

*not exactly exact but close


Oh go see the wee wee boy! I spent hours there photographing him and other people’s reactions to seeing his drippy William. I could have spent hours more filming but my camera ran out of Juice (unlike tinkling child made of iron (?)) If you go can you take a load of photos and post them for my enjoyment please.

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nice to have you here

Hi Foley :wave:

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Sounds like a very restricted diet.

depends if you really don’t wanna stray far from that area. Saint Gilles is nearby and you won’t struggle to find plenty nice bars around there. Matongé is near too and that’s the African quarter, you can get some pretty good african food there. Although maybe I’d say eat at L’Amour Fou near to Matongé, it does really excellent mexican food and pastramis and stuff (had a vegetable pastrami which was incredibly good). If you go there, there’s plenty of bars around place saint boniface or the other place that I can’t remember, or you could walk into Flagey and go somewhere like Le Pantin which is super hip.

If you’re going into the centre, go for drinks in the Dansaert area just off Boulevard Anspach, around Bourse. Loads of nice bars there.

If you end up in the centre this place is quite cool, they had bottles of Westveletren 12 and a weird hidden beer garden.

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You hero! Thanks very much.


I somehow totally missed the whole puppet thing, I was too excited about the beer.

I have to say hyggers I am very excited for beers.

Just find this bar and there are lots of good ones around it.

Well you’re going to the right place.

I was only in Brussels for a day (when Cantillon was sadly closed), but there is so much good beer everywhere, it’s hard to go wrong. Seriously, pop into a bigger Carrefour and you’ll get Trappist beers and guezes for a fraction of what you’d pay over here. I regret not stocking up on more.

Who can say no to a website straight out of 1998.

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