BST Hyde Park 2019

Neil Young + Bob Dylan first announcement

Weirdly I’d be quite up for seeing Neil Young but the addition of Dylan is putting me off


Probably won’t be any £2.50 tickets for this one


If I hadn’t seen Neil at BST about 3 years ago, I’d have been well up for this. Only seen Dylan once before and it was years before I really knew anything outside of the “hits”. He was really shit that day though, may well have played those hits, but I didn’t recognise any of them!

Prices: £72.80 / £78.34 / £84 / £95.20 / £167.94 / £335.94
Normal VIP and super VIP or some shit?

How did you find Neil that day?

Thought it was excellent, personally. Some of it descended into tiresome noodling, but it was a great set and acoustic trio in the middle was beautiful.

Just researching that Dylan show I went to, this was the set that day.

Found a blog post about it. Quite the line-up for only 8 quid, although we ignored Alannis and left before Clapton came on.

Hope the top tier includes a really awkward dinner with two of the biggest curmudgeons in music


Yeah I thought it was decent, though it felt more like a nice day out than a gig due to the crowd. Didn’t seem to be a lot of interest in his set for the most part as there were a lot of 2.50 tickets padding it out (I payed 2.50 of course).
Enjoyed The National too

Yeah, the line-up was great with Phosphorescent and Caitlin Rose in the tent too. I paid full-price because I thought it would sell out and I wanted to treat my dad.

They should get Van Morrison and make it a hat-trick

Luke Haines in the tent

I’d want to be quite close to the front for Neil so as to have my face melted off and to avoid chatting twats. Is this going to cost me megabucks?

I will go to this, gutted I missed Neil on the last tour and would be good to see Dylan it he’s having a good day (doubtful).

£75ish is fine by me for the two of them, would be nice if they filled the rest of the line up with smaller/interesting acts.

Yeah might go see the old bastards. Probably wouldn’t bother with either on their own but BOTH? TOGETHER? Double your disappointment!*

*I’m aware that Neil Young supposedly puts on a decent show. Don’t @ me.

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Quite fancy this
Couple of legends to tick off the list innit

I think that I’m up for this. I’ve seen Neil Young live (I think) 6 times. Always great. I was at the 2009 Hyde Park, where McCartney joined him for an encore:

Never seen Dylan live, and I’m familiar with the often quoted shortcomings of his live show but, fuck it, it’s Dylan, and at least you’ve got Neil there to make up for any shit performance.

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When are the £2.50 tickets out?

Would be great if Neil was on first so I could fuck off for Bob and get an early bedtime :love_you_gesture:t2:

Yeah - if the undercard were decent I would definitely consider doing ^this.

Similarly, I went to Fleadh in 2004 - lovely day out. Laura Cantrell, John Prine, Counting Crows, Christy Moore = all good. Then Dylan came on and stunk the place - by halfway through his set people were leaving in droves. However, got home nice and early :+1: