BST Hyde Park 2019


Without seeing Dylan I don’t really understand how it can be that bad. Not crowd pleasing, sure, fucked voice, true, but his band is basically the Nashville all stars.


I was at that! You forgot to mention that Dylan set himself up on one side of the stage so only half the crowd could see him.


Oh yeah, I had forgotten that detail :neutral_face:


Probably just went to the main stage and waited for him to come on


I refuse to pay a penny over £335.


Got tickets in the presale. Once in a lifetime thing really (you’d think). Just hope they both make it to next July!



What is up with Florence & the Machine having amazing support at these gigs? Last time she had Kendrick et al and this time it’s The National, Lykke Li and Nadine Shah.


That’d be pretty good if it weren’t for Florence





He wasn’t bothered on £2.50 ticket day


Wonder how this works in reality given that site is heavily branded etc.


Best thread I could think to post this in…

Slightly annoying it’s a subscription thing but the timeline seems incredible.


Does anyone know what’s going on with this? Completely removed from the site now


It’s going ahead but as a stand-alone thing now, so it won’t be on the official BST site.