BST Hyde Park 2019

Another +1 for that Bestival set, pulled no punches

He was great at Glasto a few years back

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Saw him at Glastonbury 2010. Only for a few minutes though for the rest of the set I was head in hands, sat on the floor near the tree at the back, sporadically vomiting. I mean I could hear bits of it but I think I was asleep for some of it too. Came round about 5 mins from the end :sob:

Stevie Chunder


(guys, it’s even funnier because, as ol’ numbers kbows, that’s my name too)

Yeah, we’re heading to the Stevie show. Never seen him before and looks as though he’s reeling off the hits at these gigs. Taking the old folks too as they had a great time at the Roger Waters gig last year. Not looking forward to my dad’s dancing!

Think the last Hyde Park one was a Songs In The Key Of Life show. As great as the album is, can see it as a live show losing the crowd a bit.

You got a song every 8 minutes at that Hyde Park gig, in the first half they were mostly jazzy reinterpretations with guest singers and the second half of the set was mostly covers.

So hopefully not that.

Anyone seen any £2.50 tickets for the Florence day yet?

Anyone heading to the Bob and Neil day tomorrow? No idea what Bob will be like (probably rubbish) but hopefully Neil will be as good as he was a few years ago there with Crazy Horse. Plus if he plays this I’ll be v happy (blurred for potential setlist spoiler)

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I was at this, was incredible when he started the song you linked to above.

It was the 5th time I’ve seen Neil, and probably the second best overall after the first time I saw him, with Crazy Horse in 2001. Setlist was slightly better this time, though.

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I’m going! :grinning::heart_eyes::+1:
Have seen Dylan loads of times and he can be very hit and miss, not that I give a fuck because for me it’s like a religious experience :grinning:
Have seen Neil Young once and he was brilliant.
Cannot fucking wait!


I’ll be there, and very excited about it I am too.

Never seen Dylan before, but I know to expect a less than perfect performance.

This’ll be the 6th time I’ll have seen Young. He is reliably phenomenal live.

I’m quite looking forward to Cat Power and Laura Marling too. If the weather holds it should be a great (child free!) day out.


Not sure if I’m allowed do this, so apologises if it’s against the rules, but I’ve a spare for Bob and Neil going at face value if anyone’s interested?

It’s fine. Probably worth checking out Twickets etc as well as on here.

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you can expect him to be wearing a hat.


And nothing else?


now that would be something :grimacing::smiley:


I’m going, shout me if you see me :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Where are the £2.50 tickets for Flotional day? Can’t have been selling that well, surely?

If anyone spots 2.50 for Robbie plz plz let me know