BST Hyde Park 2019

I’m going, shout me if you see me :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Where are the £2.50 tickets for Flotional day? Can’t have been selling that well, surely?

If anyone spots 2.50 for Robbie plz plz let me know

Highly recommend the beautiful Adia Victoria for anyone heading along today

Beer in the sunshine is good


How good was this then?! Neil was scorchingly great, Bob was having an utter blast. As we’re my mate and I.

I need more ragged glory heavy sets in my life.


It was an incredible day out.

My only (irrational) disappointment was that Neil abandoned Roll Another Number after a couple of lines to play Piece of Crap instead.



I loved it. Neil Young was on rare form, the cunt just a bad ass mother fucker.
And Dylan, well he was sublime I thought. I was in tears during the girl from the north country.
Me and my ATD were hugging lots throughout.
I fucking loved it.


It was great wasn’t it? Couldn’t believe there were three straight Ragged Glory tunes at the start - like Christmas. People around were starting to get a bit tuned out though. Then straight into Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - one of my absolute favourites.

Also great to hear Walk On played on that big old Gretsch. And I’ve Been Waiting For You!

Agree about cancelling Roll Another Number and playing Piece of Crap (yes it is) instead. Can’t help thinking that was planned though given that they finished at 19:59.

My third NY gig and probably the best I think.

Bobby D was also fantastic. It’s my second time seeing him. The last was 1987 (:grimacing:) and it put me off because I was only a teenager and didn’t know about the (ahem) novel arrangements. But this time I was expecting it, and I thought it really worked. His band were really tight and I think that helped. You can totally tell he’s been doing 100+ gigs a year since 1976.

His vocal phrasing, whilst very different from the recorded versions of pretty much every song, were consistent across the whole set though.

Did anyone else think his stage manner was slightly unusual? He seemed to have several repetitive facial ticks.

All in all a great night. Exceeded my expectations as sometimes those big outdoor gigs can be a let-down.


His insistence on playing Piece Of Crap is the most Neil Young thing though, isn’t it?

Also really enjoy watching actual professional musicians trying to play as badly as crazy horse :smiley:


Some of my pals were giving it ‘why did he end on piece of crap, why doesnt Dylan play like a rilling stone like it is on record!’
Fuck off, I fucking love that these cunts play what they want, when they want and how they want. :+1:


Thing is, neither of them need to be doing this any more so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when they’re bloody minded with their art! Half of my enjoyment of a gig is from watching the band actually enjoy themselves, both of them were clearly having a brilliant time.

I have to say Neil’s sheer presence in stage at his age is a bloody inspiration, he could play Don’t Cry for 4 hours and I’d be riveted!


Forever marching to their own beats. I fucking love em both :+1:


Yeah that was a great day out, only real disappointment was losing track of time in the pub beforehand and missing Cat Power :weary:

Was amazing to see them both having such a ball onstage, especially Bob smirking away throughout

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How fucking amazing was girl from the north country?! Have I said that already?! Who cares.
Stunning version, was in tears throughout


Oh man, still welling up at the thought of that one. It was beautiful. Like time stood still.

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It was fucking special. Felt closer to God, even though I don’t really believe in him

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Last time I saw him, 2 or 3 years ago, he did ‘Tangled up in Blue’ relatively straight and it was great, but this was something else. Reminded me a bit of Joni Mitchell re-doing ‘Both Sides now’. Magical.

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Might as well buck the trend - loved every bit of Neil Young but left 6 songs into Bob Dylan’s set. Obviously it’s up to him how he presents his material but wasn’t to my taste at all. Took me a couple of verses to realise he was playing Simple Twist Of Fate!

Oh it wasn’t all great. The first line of Simple Twist of Fate sounded like Scooby Doo! Same with Gotta Serve Somebdy.