BT the thieving scum

So I didn’t renew my broadband contract at the specific date, so they started charging me £20 more a month for 9 fucking months! The women on the phone was not sympathetic and said I wont get any of it back. Challenge accepted!

Oh and they don’t remind you when your contract is up, as apparently ‘they have so many customers it would be very difficult’ yet they still manage to send me marketing materials every month!

Sounds like something that would be in your contract with them?


man, I wouldn´t want to be BT right now


I new there would be one, do you know how many contracts you have for every facet of life and do you read all of them, and remember them for 18months? Look your not markkee :wink:

BT stands for Bastards (of) Telecommunication


Nope, but the argument will be that when you signed up you accepted their terms and conditions one of which will be around renewal. Sadly, they have you by the knackers here I’m afraid.

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Are you going to open a can of whoop-ass?

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Did they ever do a BT phone home ad. If not, why not?

That’s what they want you to think but believe you me this is not over. It will not be ‘good to talk’ to me

I do, yes.

I get a monthly e-mail from plusnet telling me how much money they will be taking out of my account.

Do BT not do this?

Okay, well best of luck, Bob.

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I may post my emails in this thread, keep you guys updated

Long rope deployment through the call-centre window, stealth under the desks to the billing department, set the charges, rappel down the lift shaft, walk away in slow motion as it explodes behind you


Last place i lived couldn’t get virgin, can’t give money to sky so was stuck with bt. Ringpieces they are. Hate em

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How about JT receiving a call from his mum from the babylon station after nicking?