BT, Virgin or Sky?

See if you can find people locally using Virgin, speeds seem quite consistently good but the service reliability really differs by geography in my experience.

I’m on Sky now but was with BT before. They’re pretty similar but BT is much easier to configure third party routers with. Oh, being able to get onto public BT WiFi for free was really good too.

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Been with Virgin for donkey’s years. They’re shit but probably no shitter than anyone else. iirc they are still in some standoff with Sky which means you can’t get Sky Atlantic, but I don’t care. I have an ancient box that frankly is starting to go wrong, so I ought to upgrade. Also like @yeahetc says you obviously have to renew your contract every year otherwise they double the price.

Basically I’m still fuming at what a mess they made of Tivo once they acquired it. What was once a nice simple intuitive and free service became a massive heap of useless bloatware, but that’s everything these days isn’t it.

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Also if you go with Virgin you can be well assured that you will never be unaware of whatever two famous blokes are due to be punching each other for money in the near future.

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If reliability is the big thing, I’ve had BT for nearly eight years and it’s been out of action for about 90 minutes over that time.

I got a message from Virgin last week saying that our service would be down “between 9am and 3pm” on one day. In the end it only went down for a few minutes, but it’s still not really what you want to hear is it.

I have Virgin. Just a basic package - don’t bother with TV or a landline or anything like that. I’m on O2 as well, which means I get Volt - they doubled my download and upload speeds (to 370 and 30 respectively) and also doubled the data I get on my phone (just repeating what JohnnyPark has said. Sorry!).

Pay £52 for Virgin, £15 a month for phone (60gb data). If I want access to the odd Sky thing, then I’m afraid to say I steal it.

It’s very reliable. Have had the odd issue over the years, but they’re usually good at warning you before they carry out works etc. Could probably shop around for a better deal, but can’t be bothered. They’re not perfect but the upheaval and potential risk of changing to someone who turns out to be crap just isn’t worth it (IMO).

Agreed. Maybe ask on your street. Or the dreaded Nextdoor…

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It really depends on your local (and hyper-local) area.

We’re on Plusnet, which like most providers uses the Openreach infrastructure, and we’re fine where we are. There have been quite a few problems with Virgin locally recently, and it’s led to many people switching to Community Fibre. The performance of the latter is meant to be excellent, but that might not remain the case if more people switch to it.

Exactly this for me except we have the fibre package which is lightning quick and virtually never drops out. Being able to download and watch everything from iPlayer, ITV X, etc straight to the box in one place is decent and all the Sky Atlantic HBO stuff is ace

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had Virgin Media for ages, no real beef with them other than probably being a bit expensive but then I am on one of their bigger packages and have all the sport and stuff so probably going to be expensive anywhere.

only real issue I had was when they upgraded me to a new router and it was so awful I just bought my own to use instead. probably could have raised it with them or something but not sure they’d have given me a newer one, would have taken ages to get sorted which I cba with, and this new one (a Google mesh thingamajig) has better range so was worth the upgrade anyway.

I think we have the fibre/superfast broadband too… actually is super fast and very reliable.

And yeah being able to access everything through the one box is great.

I think we pay 60 quid for Sky Q, box sets, Netflix account and superfast broadband, which doesn’t seem TOO bad. It was closer to £100 before I threatened to leave which is crazy.

Have finally got round to switching.

Was with Virgin paying £69 a month for 200mb BB and a basic TV package we barely use.

Changed to Vodafone, £30 a month for 910mb BB only

Vodafone is on offer atm so may be worth a look if you’re thinking of changing (and yeah, sure their customer service is probably shit, but so was Virgin so…)

None of the above -

Have Amazon firestick (soz), Netflix and freeview

ffs tilty read the thread wanker they’re talking about internet not tv.

I have Three 5g

I have one of those very old phone line screw in deals that literally only Virgin can provide internet for so more or less ransomed.