BTW Wednesday



Back to work. Eugh. Have next week off though, so not all bad.
Got one of those escape room things this evening which should be good.
What’s poppin’ with you lot?


Am on the train to work. For some reason it’s stopping at all stations to Cambridge but not Waterbeach. (Haha, fuck you, Waterbeach!)

I’ve got a couple of meetings out of the office this afternoon, which is a pain as I’d banked on sitting in quiet solitude for most of the day. As lovely as Christmas was, I’ve no problem with a break in the festivities.


Heading to delamere forest later for a walk/to hunt the gruffalo


No work till next week, which is good because whatever my family caught I have it too and my head hurts so much. Everyone but my sister (who works) is ill now so not sure how I’m going to drag myself from bed and cook breakfast and buy some juice. Wish they did same morning food deliveries at the supermarket :dizzy_face:


Back to werk


Office is closed until the 16th of Jan. Which you’d think would be great, laze around in the New Zealand sun, but in practice it means “take all your leave at the same time as all the families when everything is really crowded and expensive, and not later on, when there are things you want to do”.

Still, it’s nicely hot here and there’s a beach and beers and stuff.

Do most of you lot go back between Christmas/NY? When I worked in the UK it never seemed that common…


Back to London today.

Work tomorrow :pensive:


Lovely fog out today. Gonna look for jobs, might go gym. Might play video games.


i’m still off. might go out on my bike.


At home with the little ones

trying to get some general life admin and work stuff smoothed out for the coming year ahead but that’s not easy while simultaneously being used as a human climbing frame

did everyone have a good Christmas?


Not in work til Jan, but got quite a lot of bits and pieces to do in between now and then. So obviously I’ll probably stay in bed now and drink a tonne of beers later. Sensible.

Someone in one of the nearby flats keeps sneezing but it really sounds like they’re hurling.


Heading back home to see my parents for Christmas 2.0 today. I don’t know if I’m prepared for more boooooze.


The world doesn’t need more products that encourage people to look in the mirror.


Morning all, hope everyone had a good Christmas. I’m back in Switzerland for a couple of weeks, flew back last night and meant to go into work today but I was pretty ill yesterday so I’m still in bed. Was aiming to go in at lunchtime but not really sure if that’s even on the cards. Don’t know who my supervisor is on this contract or if they’re even in this week so I’m not sure if I should email someone or just pretend that I’m still back in the UK and flying back today.


Flying home later. Going to see if I can get a haircut first.

That’s it.


My niece doing loved this. Enjoy!


The world doesn’t really need people who post in the wrong threads either…


Depends on when Christmas falls really, Christmas and NYE are either side of a weekend it’s easier to bag the whole shebang, but there’s a clear week between them, a lot of offices are open.


Back in work. Pretty quiet. Fairly pointless, but I do have some achievable things to get done. We’ll see.


Morning all

Not in work. Been for a run, it’s lovely and clear and frosty out. Watching Simpsons, meeting a mate later for booze n food :thumbsup: